Childhood Poem III

This poem was published in a limited edition book, “Childhood Poems,” in 1975. It is the first poem of mine that I remember liking. I wrote it when I was in my late teens.

When I was a child
I spent the night at
Patty’s house.

She told me there was
no Santa Claus but
I did not

Believe her. So we
crept out and I saw
her mother

Putting presents near
the tree. Her mother’s
garters showed

And I giggled and
wanted to be in
my own home.

But later when we were
lying in bed and it
was so dark, we

Were watching the ceiling.
Patty said – Do you see
the red and blue

Pixies? – (of course, of course)
– Over by the light they’re
getting married

Tonight. All the pixies
are going there. Do you
see them? Do you? –

Yes Yes Of Course I Do
yes oyes I really do

© Katherine Gekker 1975

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