Childhood Poem IV

This poem was published in a limited edition book, “Childhood Poems,” in 1975. I was in love with Marianne Moore’s syllabics.

The room my brother and I
slept in was huge and
cold. At night my mother read

To us from a child’s book of
prayers. We knew all
of them by heart and repeated

Them along with her until
she made us stop. Then
she spread our clothes over the

Radiator so they were
warm when we put them
on in the morning. One night

After my mother left and my
brother fell asleep, I
thought I was flying through the air.

I flapped my arms and went higher
and lower. Sometimes I
just glided, but I never fell.

When I woke up, I was cold.
I was on top of
the toy chest across the room.

Quickly I ran back to bed.
No one saw me.

© Katherine Gekker 1975

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1 Response to Childhood Poem IV

  1. moore123 says:

    What a lovely poem in perfect syllabics. You might enjoy this blog dedicated to Moore’s work, and perhaps contribute to it:

    Pat Willis

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