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We move like ghosts through the trees this gray spring morning my coat as wet as the dog’s A bright goldfinch flies across our path startles us Like your name in this morning’s newspaper after all these years startles me … Continue reading

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Cherry Tree Kabuki

Dying Higan cherries toppled – cascades of weeping branches stacked – blossoms’ white, pink gingham chaos. Gardeners’ electric saws gnaw rotted trunks, fell our gnarled shade. The ancient white-faced dog and I escape our home, pass lawns scattered with ragged … Continue reading

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Early Snow Predicted

The winding sheet is almost around the yard — leaves raked onto beds, the birdbath upended like a toadstool. Pale tomatoes the color of papayas turn translucent in the cold. A hidden bird sings a single note like a bosun’s … Continue reading

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